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PATRICIA A. DURGIN__________________

Pat Durgin was born in the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. Her earliest memory of an interest in art was when she received positive reviews during her pre-school years for coloring book activities.

Snow on Foothills

Pat grew up during the decades when frantic abstract paintings were the rage. She was not pleased with the art classes of the public schools and as a result spent many hours at Washington's National Museum of Art. Here she enjoyed the works of the great masters and was fascinated by their techniques and final product.

As a teenager she studied with Mrs. Marius Farioletti and Mrs Estes Kefauver. She spent a summer at the Children's Art School at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D.C. Shortly afterwards her family moved to Athens, Greece where Pat taught younger children from the U.S. Embassy lessons in art and painting.

Returning to the United States after graduating from High school she did commissioned portraits in colored pencil of the children of officers in the Art Judge Advocate General's Office where she was employed.

In 1958 she married her high school sweetheart, and they moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where her husband was employed by Sandia Corporation, in 1961. In New Mexico she found a large, diversified and very active arts community. Her first two children, Dana and Dianne were born in 1961 and 62 respectively. The family moved to Las Cruces temporarily, in 1964, here her husband obtained a degree from New Mexico State University. Here she continued producing paintings and exhibiting with the local Art Association. Returning to Albuquerque in 1966 she joined the Nor Este Art Association and began exhibiting in Albuquerque art shows. Pat served as secretary-treasurer and subsequently vice president of Nor Este. Her third child, Patricia, was born in 1970.

Tlapaqueque Street

Pat Durgin soon joined the New Mexico Art League and held office during its transition from Old Town to its present location on Juan Tabo, N.E. She labored many hours with the League and helped greatly with the building of its present gallery. In 1974, she was accepted in Artist Equity Association in Albuquerque where she was again voted into office as Secretary. She was heavily involved in the 1% for Art struggle. By the mid 70's she was represented in numerous galleries throughout the U.S. Her works, at that time, were shown in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, in addition to New Mexico.

Pat has become renowned for her work in oils. She also worked in pastels for about ten years, but returned to her first love, oil painting. She credits her experience with pastels, however, with improving her artistic skills. She had won several international competitions with her pastels. During the 70's her principal mentor was New Mexico's famous Wilson Hurley. His generous giving of time and critique over many years was what she credits as the most valuable outside contribution to her career.

She began teaching art in the late 70's. First at the State Fair Gallery and subsequently from her home studio. She has had hundreds of students over he years who remain loyal friends and fans. Many have gained recognition on their own, and credit her influence to their success.

In 1997 Pat Durgin won the Most Popular Award at the NM State Fair Professional Art Exhibition. In 1998 she was offered the National Parks Service Artist in Residency at Isle Royale Park in Michigan but regretfully had to decline. In 1997 the Publishing company of SCAFA Tournbine in New York began publishing selected works in unlimited print editions world wide. Pat has served on the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Board, given demonstrations and talks for the New Mexico Art Association and is continually active in the New Mexico arts community.

The best testament to her talent and determination is her work. Found in homes around the world, in galleries around the country.


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